I am very pleased to commend to you Thomas Knyvett College which has proved to be a comprehensive school that offers a high quality education to all its students. For the last six years it has been federated with Howard of Effingham School, a highly successful Surrey comprehensive, which was judged by Ofsted to be an “outstanding school”.

Governors of both schools have ensured their joint future by each school converting to a new-style Academy within The Howard Partnership. As Executive Head I am accountable for the performance of each school. I am very fortunate indeed to have such a talented Head of School as Mrs Marillat who is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the college. The focus of the partnership is to provide a high quality education for all its students. Achieved through our student-centred and personalised approach, the individual student lies at the heart of everything we do. In “bringing out the best” we will help every student to achieve more than they ever thought they would.

The partnership has reaped considerable benefits for the students, staff and communities of both schools. From a Thomas Knyvett perspective we have seen an outstanding rise in standards to become one of the most improved schools in the country.

In the most recent inspection in December 2013 Ofsted’s judgement for Thomas Knyvett College was the quality of teaching is "good" and leadership and management are "outstanding".

I encourage all prospective parents to visit the college and meet the students and staff. We will be happy to outline our vision for the future of which I very much hope you will want to become a part”.

R J Barnfield  CBE  MA  BSc
Executive Head
The Howard Partnership


I recognise the tremendous advantages of working in collaboration with the outstanding Howard of Effingham School within The Howard Partnership. Over the last 9 years The Howard Partnership has instilled the highest possible standards at the college.

Our students benefit from consistently high quality teaching, excellent standards of behaviour and a challenging and robust curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom. The outcomes are excellent academic achievement and, more importantly, their development into confident, happy young adults.

Ofsted in 2013 commented that "Leadership in the college is outstanding. The executive, substantive and acting heads have a clear vision and command the respect and support of all staff. An uncompromising drive to raise standards in all areas has driven improvement in all aspects of its work, notably in teaching."

In 2016 our GCSE results were:
  • 55 percent of pupils achieved a C or above in GCSEs (or equivalent) in 5 or more subjects, including English and maths
  • 65 percent of pupils achieved a C or above in GCSE English
  • 60 percent of pupils achieved a C or above in GCSE maths
  • Progress 8 is +0.28
  • Attainment 8 is 48.3

Thomas Knyvett College is very successful because it has a team of well-qualified and committed staff who take an interest in each child. I am proud to be associated with them as I am equally proud of the students.

Janise Marillat


Thomas Knyvett College, part of The Howard Partnership Trust. The Howard Partnership Trust: Registered Office: Lower Road, Effingham, Surrey, KT24 5JR. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number: 07597068. An exempt charitable trust.