Pastoral Care

At Thomas Knyvett College, it is important that all students are valued and can identify with its community ethos. We feel it is important that students get to know as many members across the student body as possible, therefore, we have adopted a House system in addition to our horizontal tutoring. Year Leaders are responsible for monitoring the students’ progress, delivering a full tutorial programme and day-to-day pastoral care with a team of tutors to support student personal well being.

Behaviour management is taken very seriously. Through assertive discipline and the consistent application of the college’s behaviour policy, serious breaches are very rare. The college has a zero tolerance to bullying and as a result, incidents are also rare.

Students’ comments:

“We are like a family unit and students really care for each other”

"The teachers are really supportive and care about you, they always do their best"

“What I like most about TKC is that I feel safe and I am happy to come to school”


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